Antenna Control Unit

Antenna Control Unit

LCK Antenna Control Unit is used for positioning the antenna in Azimuth and Elevation, X and Y coordinates in all kinds of fixed antennas, on-board antennas and offshore systems.

It was able to move with a sensitivity of 0.01 degrees under the control of fixed antennas, On-Board Antenna Systems and Passive Radars.

It is designed for ELINT / SIGINT and COMINT projects.




Antenna Control Unit Features;

  • The ability of the antenna to move in the desired axis.
  • Target heading and altitude angle information.
  • Industry scanning feature.
  • Positioning with 0.01 degree precision
  • Rotation speed adjustment.
  • Ability to define rotation limits.
  • Built-in compass, angle and inclinometer.
  • Radome Blower Start/Stop
  • Radome air conditioner Start/Stop
  • Joystick control
  • Control via internal display or PC
  • Manual command and control
  • Ability to record target and position information.

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