Environment Monitoring System

Environment Monitoring System

Thanks to the container environment monitoring system, it continuously measures, reports and saves the temperature, humidity, smoke, air flow, air quality, gas, door open, flood values in the environment.

The environment monitoring system is managed via PLC and Scada system.

It also measures the wind speed, temperature and humidity values outside the container.

The system gives a warning when the threshold values determined by the user are exceeded. This warning is transmitted to the user via the environment monitoring interface in the form of an audible and visual warning, siren, SMS or e-mail.

Thanks to the warning, the user takes precautions in a short time.

In addition, when the values measured in the system fall outside the normal values, the automation system can automatically perform operations such as cutting off electricity, activating fire extinguishers or operating air conditioners.

In this way, it provides the security of the systems inside the container by showing a sudden reaction against undesirable conditions.

All containers in the field can be tracked through a single system.

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